Ring Size Help

How to determine Your Ring Size




Method 1. Free Plastic Ring Sizing Gauge

To determine your ring size simply email us your name and postal address (within Australia only) and we will priority-post you a free plastic ring sizer (gauge) to measure your ring size.

Keep in mind that our fingers can swell and shrink during the course of the day. The measurement can be affected by the ambient temperature, whether you have been very active, your hydration levels etc. So it’s best to take a few measurements at different times of the day and even on different days eg a hot day and a cold day.


Method 2. Jewellery Store Ring Size Measurement

Go to a local jewellery store and ask them to measure your ring size. Shopping centres have chain jewellery stores that can do this. Ensure that a ring sizer of similar width to the ring you are interested in is used, i.e. if you are buying a narrow ring have your ring size measured with a narrow ring sizer, if you are buying a ring of 5mm or more have your ring size measured with a wide ring sizer if possible, or allow an extra half size. If possible try two different jewellers.


Method 3. Using a Ruler to Determine your Ring SizeMeasure Ring Size

To get a fairly good idea of your ring size you can use a ruler to measure the internal diameter (also called inside diameter or ID) of an existing ring that fits on the same finger you are buying a new ring for.

Once you have the measurement you can use the chart below to determine your ring size in Australian, UK or US systems.

This method is prone to user error so we still recommend confirming your size by asking us for a free plastic ring sizing gauge or by visiting a jewellery store.


Ring Size Conversion Chart

The following chart shows the US equivalent to Australian/UK ring sizes and Inside Diameter.
The diameters are exact for the AU/UK system but approximate for the US system as there is not always an exact corresponding diameter between the two systems.

Ring Size Chart